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UKACP YouTube Channel & Videos

A while ago we decided to create our own Youtube channel. We wanted a way of showing our services to the public and didn't want to simply talk or write about them, after all airport parking for example can be quite boring!
However, we didn't just want to create videos saying "here's our products, take a look at them", we wanted to make it more light hearted and possibly humorous. 

EricEric & Bob

So we came up with the idea of Eric & Bob. Who are Eric & Bob? Well, they're just two everyday guys taking their families on holiday and we decided to make Eric the guy who always manages to organise and save on his airport services by using our website.

He's not one of these ultra organised people, he just knows he can save a few quid by spending 10 minutes or so checking out our site.

BobThen we have Bob, he's not totally unorganised and in general he's just like Eric but he never seems to make the time to check out our site before going on holiday. So he just turns up at the airport and pays full price for his parking or hotel.

As for him managing to organise an airport lounge to relax in, well, it just doesn't happen and his family always seem to spend their time in the departure hall trying to find somewhere comfortable to sit and spending a fortune on drinks and food etc.

A Continuing Story

So, as we create more and more videos you'll start to see Bob losing out and becoming more and more frustrated with the fact that Eric always seems to have a bit more money in his pocket than him and how Eric always seems to effortlessly arrange things and how he always seems to be so calm and relaxed at the airport.

Take a quick look at our latest Youtube videos below. If you want to see just how Eric & Bob get on (or not) then please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date :

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