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lets look at the cost and convenience of airport parking compared to taxis, trains and buses.

Airport Parking – Making Life Simpler For Holidaymakers

Airport ParkingInevitably when it comes to planning your holiday, whether you’re away for a few days, a few weeks or longer, there are numerous things to consider. However, some of the more practical aspects can easily get forgotten with all the excitement and anticipation, which could be costing you valuable spending money.

Ok, so we get it that the logistics of planning a trip away are phenomenal from deciding where to go, to booking the pooch into the kennels and deciding what to pack, but one aspect that often gets left to the last minute is how you’re going to get to the airport to catch your flight.

However, this is an incredibly important element of making sure your holiday starts and ends well, as the last thing you want to do is miss your flight or have to wait hours for a public transport or pay through the nose for a cab after a long flight. This is why planning your transport to and from the airport should be given very careful consideration indeed.

A lack of planning can cost you way more than it needs to, whether you’re on public transport or opting for airport parking with your own car. But with a bit of forethought you could be left with a bit of extra money on holiday.

Keep things simple

Getting a Taxi to the AirportWhen you’re travelling the best thing to keep the stress and fatigue levels low is to keep things simple. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling from 100 miles away to catch a flight or under 15, you still want to make that trip from your home to the airport as straightforward as possible. Not only this, but you also want to make it as cost effective as possible too.

Whilst booking a mini-cab to take you from door to door can seem like the most luxurious and convenient option for short and long airport transfers, it can in fact be the most expensive. Naturally you pay a premium for such conveniences, so if you’re looking to maximise convenience and save a few pennies, it may be a better choice to plump for airport parking.

Just to give you an example looking at someone travelling from central London to the UK’s largest airport, Heathrow, you can get a week’s airport parking for as little as £60. When you compare this to the price of a mini cab return fare, which can range from £90 up to £170 depending on the number of passengers, where you’re travelling from and the company you book with, it can begin to make sense.

Of course, there is always the Heathrow Express train from Paddington, which will inevitably cost you less at £36 for a return ticket, but even then you have to add additional costs for getting to the train station with your luggage, the number of passengers, plus the added time and hassle of getting several modes of transport to reach your destination. Not to mention what happens if your flight home is delayed and you miss your train.

With airport parking, increasingly competitive prices are making it a much more viable and convenient option for holiday makers, providing you book in advance – airport parking on the day can be close to double the price of pre-booking. On top of that there’s no stress of a taxi not arriving on time, missing a train or bus; and you’re in control of when you leave, when you arrive (traffic permitting of course) and your car is ready and waiting in a secure location for when you arrive back, so you can get straight on the road and be home for a cuppa in no time.

Peace of Mind

Getting the Train to the AirportAnother important factor in planning your holiday is security whilst you’re away. Inevitably leaving your car parked on the street, driveway or even in your garage can be a big giveaway that there’s no one at home. This can put your vehicle and your home at potential risk to theft, which is the last thing you need when you arrive home from a relaxing break.

However, if you were to opt for the convenient option of airport parking, you will also benefit from peace of mind that your car is kept in a secure location that’s regularly monitored and there are less obvious signs that your home may be vacant.

Amazingly, this added argument for the safety of your car and property works on every level of travel, whether you live just a few miles away from the airport or if you’re travelling a long distance. Understandably, the further you travel the more savings you will make by using airport parking, even if you factor in the cost of fuel; but for those closer by, you can pay a little extra to know your car is parked in a secure location whilst you’re away, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday and be able to head straight home with no hassle.

Just to give a gauge on this, a return taxi fare from Sale to Manchester Airport, which is just under 8 miles, will cost you around £30, but for less you can get a week’s parking for just £22 (depending on time of year and car park obviously) and have your car safe and ready for your arrival home.

Look at the bigger picture

Getting the Bus to the AirportWhen considering which mode of transport to take to the airport it’s important to consider all these factors. Yes, public transport is likely to be the cheapest option, and private hire taxis will be the most convenient. However, with both of these elements, you’re not in control.

With public transport, be it a bus or train, you still need to account for the logistics of hauling your luggage, the reliability of the services and the additional costs of arranging to get to and from the train station, not to mention the fact it takes far longer to get where you want to go. And as for taxis, well yes you don’t have to drive in the dead of night to catch your early morning flight, but in some cases the price of a return fare can be nearly double the cost of driving and parking your car at the airport.

Look at Brighton to Gatwick Airport, a return taxi fare averages at £99, whereas a week’s airport parking can be as low as £65. Just that saving alone should make airport parking the easier, more cost effective and safer option all round. 

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