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Airport Parking

Don't pay full price for UK airport parking, simply compare prices from all major UK providers and pre-book.

UK Airport Parking

Comparing Airport Parking Products

Airport parking in the UK can be very expensive... not any more! Here at UKACP we've teamed up with the top UK providers and compared everything from price, security and facilities to car park location and shuttle transfer times.

With over 320 car parks at UK airports the whole thing can be a bit daunting! Well not with UKACP, even if you're looking for Heathrow parking , Gatwick parking or Manchester airport parking we make it hassle free, quick  and easy on your wallet!

Airport Parking Types

There are basically three different types of parking at UK airports :

On Airport Parking


UK Airport ParkingCar parks are within the airport compound, generally these car parks have short transfer times, some even within walking distance. On airport car parks generally allow you to keep your own keys which is important for some holidaymakers.

Usually owned by the airport themselves, this parking option will generally cost more mainly because of its convenience, i.e. no transfer bus required. However, on some of the larger airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester a shuttle bus is required at some of the car parks because they could be a mile or so from the terminal building.

Off Airport Parking


UK Airport ParkingCar parks are off the airport compound and have a longer transfer time to the airport terminal building. Generally privately owned, these car parks are usually cheaper because of their longer transfers. However, some transfers are quite minimal, such as five minutes or even less.

Car parks off the actual airport compound generally represent real value for money with the same security measures as any on airport car park.

Meet & Greet Airport Parking


UK Airport ParkingThe most convenient option, simply drive to departures terminal and your car will be driven to a secure car park, you then just walk into departures. On return, your car will be outside arrivals hall. Generally a bit more expensive but well worth it! Meet and Greet parking at the airport is perfect for disabled travelers.

Another option is to choose a Meet on Return parking option. Basically this just means that you are met at the arrivals building with your car on your return. This parking option is a sort of half way house between self park and meet and greet and this is usually reflected in the price.

Take a look at our ON vs OFF Car Parking Prices page for more information and pricing examples.



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UK Airport Car Parks