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Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North

Maple Parking Premium North
Maple Parking Premium North Park Mark
  • CCTV
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Fencing
  • Security Barrier
  • Security Patrols

Meet & Greet

Not required

Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North

Drop-off and pick-up at Short Stay. Stroll to check-in.

Need to know:

North Terminal: Drive your car to the Sofitel hotel car park and head to the dedicated meet & greet area. Park in a meet and greet bay and look out for a uniformed driver.
Walk to the terminal in 3 minutes.
When you get back give the driver a call to let them know you're ready and your car will be returned to you where you were met on arrival.


This service is suitable for customers with limited mobility, as a shuttle bus is not required


The car park is secured by:
- Fencing
- Manned 24 hours a day

The small print:

- Your car will be parked in a secured compound, up to 6 miles from the airport.
- There is no height restriction at the North terminal, but a 2m restriction for the South.
- No wait means exactly that. We will refund you 50% if you have to wait longer than 10 minutes at either your arrival or return to the airport. If you have to wait for both, that?s 100% off. This is only applicable between 4am - 11.59pm, which are the car park's standard operating hours.
- Maple Parking can only take cars that fit into a standard size parking space, which is 2.4m x 4.8m.
- Maple Parking cannot accept vehicles with 8 or more seats.
- All airport fees are included.
- Any extra days' parking is £10 per day.
- If you're returning to a different terminal let the driver know on arrival and they can arrange this at no additional cost.
- Booking confirmations must be printed and taken with you.

Arrival Procedures

You don't need to call Maple Parking on your way to the airport unless your travel plans have changed. If you do need to contact the car park on the day call them on 01293 652 299 and choose option 1.
When you reach the car park: Take at ticket the barrier and keep it for the driver. Once in the car park follow signs for "meet & greet operators". When you arrive in the dedicated meet & greet area, park in a meet and greet bay and look out for a uniformed driver.
Make sure to take all of your belongings out of the car, including your car park ticket, which you'll need to give Maple Parking to exit the car park.
The driver from Maple Parking will take a photo and check your car over for damage. Please make sure you leave enough time for this, It will only take a few minutes, but if you don't leave enough time, this may affect any claim you later make for damage.
You'll need to give the driver your booking confirmation and car keys, as well as your return flight information. You'll be given a unique ticket with return instructions on it which you'll need to collect your car. Once your car is checked in, walk to the terminal while your car is parked for you in Maple Parking's secured car park.
If you are arriving back to another terminal, please check with the driver when dropping off your car for the new instructions.

Departure Procedures

Once you've collected your luggage, call the car park on 01293 533 000 and select option 1, to let Maple Parking know that you are ready for your car.
For the North terminal:
- As you exit North Terminal International Arrivals, turn right and exit the building
- Once outside, cross both roads and keep heading straight ahead between the car parks, under the covered walkway to the main terminal forecourt.
- Once at the main terminal forecourt, you will see the Sofitel hotel.
- Cross the road at the pedestrian lights and bear left through the Sofitel car park - following signs for Meet & Greet Operators, located within the hotel car park.
- Your car will be returned by our uniformed staff in the meet and greet reception area.
Please be aware that if you don't collect your car within 20 minutes of calling the car park you'll need to pay the Short Stay parking fee. If you are returning earlier than the date or time that you booked, please ring Maple Parking on 01293 533 000, 24 hours in advance to avoid any delays.
Maple Parking will need to confirm your identity and you'll be asked to check over your car again, then your keys will be handed back to you along with a ticket to get out of the car park.
If you get back early, call Maple Parking as soon as you can. They need as much notice as possible to get your car ready so you aren't kept waiting. You won't get a refund for any unused parking time.
Please be aware that if you are late in collecting your car after your phone call to say you're ready to be met, you may incur additional charges from the car park. If you are delayed on your return you will be charged £10 per day by Maple Parking.


While you're away, your car will be stored in a secured car park. All have been awarded the police Park Mark award, the Trading Standards Authority's Buy With Confidence award and are approved by Gatwick airport. All of the car parks are surrounded by a fence and are either manned 24 hours, have CCTV in use, or have dedicated 24 hour security patrols.

Transfer Information

No transfers are required. Once your car is picked up you proceed directly to check in.

Disabled Information

The car park welcomes bookings from owners of specially adapted vehicles. However, this must be by prior arrangement to ensure availability of appropriately-trained drivers. To see if the car park can take your vehicle, call us on 0800 093 5478.


Parking is always at the vehicle owner's own risk and subject to the car park's Terms & Conditions of storage.

The car park use experienced drivers who are fully insured to drive your vehicle on the public highway. All cars parked or stored with Maple Manor will be on a proven direct negligence basis. Any claims for loss or damage must be made prior to the vehicle being handed over.

Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North

Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North


For the North Terminal:
- For satnavs use postcode RH6 0PJ but only as far as the main North Terminal roundabout
- As you enter the North Terminal from the main roundabout, stay in the right-hand lane for "Drop Off and Hotels".
- Keep in the right-hand lane following signs for "hotels" and "Sofitel Hotel".
- Keep driving towards the pedestrian traffic lights between the two hotels.
- Turn right immediately after the traffic lights into the Sofitel car park.
- Take a ticket from the barrier and keep it for the driver.
- Once in the car park follow signs for "meet & greet operators".
- When you arrive in the dedicated meet & greet area, park in a meet and greet bay and look out for a uniformed driver.
- If you need any help finding the meeting point then please call Maple Parking on 01293 533 000 and select option 1.
- Walk to the terminal in 3 minutes.


Gatwick airport,
West Sussex

Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North

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Maple Parking Premium North Terminal North

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