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4 Deck Lounge

  • Soft/Alcoholic Drinks
  • Snacks/Food
  • Television
  • Flight Announcements
  • Phones
  • Disabled Access

4 Deck Lounge

The 4 Deck Lounge is the official airport lounge at Birmingham airport. This lounge is a peaceful haven from the noisy and crowded airport terminal. Guests can relax in comfort while enjoying the comfortable seats, peaceful environment and free snacks and drinks.


Receive free snacks and drinks including alcoholic drinks at the 4 Deck Lounge. Sit back and relax for up to three hours before your departure in style and comfort.


Flatscreen Television, Flight information display screens, Disabled access, Check-in up to three hours before departure.

Entertainment Facilities

A great place to unwind and relax before your flight away from the stress of the terminal. With style and comfort you can chill out while watching television. There are free hot and cold drinks available along with a wide selection of newspapers and magazines along with snacks and up-to-the-minute flight information via the display screens.

Food and Beverages

Included in the price are snacks, hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages with beers, wines and spirits available (not including champagne).

Children Information

Children are welcome in the 4 Deck Lounge, but they must behave appropriately. Any customer who disturbs others may be asked to leave the lounge.

Disabled Facilities

This lounge is accessible for disabled customers.


Lounges have a smart casual dress code (no baseball caps, shorts, football shirts or vests) and expect reasonable behaviour from all guests. Lounge staff reserve the right to refuse admission.

Land side or air side



After Security turn immediately left and proceed towards the corridor. Follow signs to the '4Deck Lounge' and continue to the end of the corridor where the lounge is located.

4 Deck Lounge

4 Deck Lounge

4 Deck Lounge

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